The Cool Farm Institute relies on collaboration and partnerships. Our greatest strength comes from the alignment of multinational companies, alongside the engagement and involvement of academics, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Partners and Members

Even before we had fully formed the Cool Farm Institute, some companies stepped forward and volunteered to be involved in funding its creation and first phase of developments. These companies are our Partners or our Members.

Sustainable Food Lab

To get off the ground we have needed expertise, guidance, facilitation and project management support to turn the idea of the CFT into a living, breathing entity that has now been widely adopted and applied. These invaluable inputs have come from SFL.

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen – and specifically Dr Jon Hillier – was the creator of the CFT. Under instruction from Unilever, Jon and colleagues developed the first versions of the CFT, which has gained such traction that we needed to found the Cool Farm Institute to host the tool, and enable its further development with the user community.

Join Us

The Cool Farm Institute welcomes new members and partners to join us in delivering on our mission! Institute members also gain visibility as industry leaders in the area of agriculture and GHG. Find out more about becoming a member or partner.