The Cool Farm Alliance endeavors to provide information and supporting resources for growers and supply chain stakeholders to share knowledge on greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture. Our audience ranges from farmers, to retailers, to academics, and NGOs, so these Resources reflect a broad spectrum of interests. Our Resources will be updated on a regular basis, and see also the CFT User Guide for how to use the CFT.

Research & Reports

There is significant work underway in academia and the private sector to investigate and understand agricultural emissions and how they should be reported. This section includes industry reports that reference the Cool Farm Tool and CFT related academic work.

Case Studies

Practical application on-the-farm is crucial to progress from theoretical discussions into actions. These case studies are from the application of the CFT by growers and supply chain customers, and give insight into users' findings.

Press Releases & Media

The CFT has been attracting considerable media attention since its inception, in a variety of publications. These press releases and articles show the increasing interest in sustainable farming, which is an encouraging trend for the future of the CFT.