The Cool Farm Alliance's mission is to enable millions of growers globally to make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact. Focusing on greenhouse gases in the first phase, the Alliance provides the Cool Farm Tool as a quantified decision support tool that is credible and standardized.

Our vision is to be a highly credible and capable partner for agricultural greenhouse gas management – ‘credible’ through using best available science and multi-stakeholder processes for methodology development and quality assurance; and ‘capable’ through providing leading agricultural greenhouse gas management products and services.


For Growers

The Cool Farm Alliance puts the best available science in the hands of growers as a decision support tool to help measure, understand and manage greenhouse gas emissions from their farms. At the same time, a standardized approach, shared and co-developed by a consortium of industry players, ensures market relevance and cuts down on the number of different data requests.


For Suppliers

Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly focused on reducing their total greenhouse gas footprint, including for agricultural production. We aim to develop a standardized tool for producers to use and report to the supply chain on a consistent, efficient basis. Working together, we can achieve more.