About Us

The Cool Farm Tool was originally created by Unilever, the University of Aberdeen and the Sustainable Food Lab, with support and contributions from many stakeholders and partners. From this seed, we grew...

Convinced that there was a need for an easy-to-use greenhouse gas calculator that could help farmers reduce emissions, Unilever, SFL and the University of Aberdeen engaged supporters to their cause from their Cool Farming Options partners: Unilever, Heinz, Sysco, Ben & Jerry's, Heineken, Stonyfield Farm Organic, Yara, Marks & Spencer, PepsiCo, Pulse Canada, GIZ, CCGA, Ambootia, Costco Wholesale, Oxfam, Sekem, and Ecom Coffee. These organizations have shared ideas and insights and helped to create the CFT, driven by their shared vision for helping farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Following two CFT roundtable meetings (in 2011 and 2012) involving over 40 delegates, it was agreed that the CFT needed a home and that a not-for-profit entity should be established – the Cool Farm Alliance.

The Cool Farm Alliance is hosted by the Sustainable Food Lab, and is funded by corporate Partners and Members – their investment allows us to exist. The Cool Farm Alliance has a clear Mission and will remain a not-for-profit organization designed to fill a niche of helping farmers to produce more efficiently.

The Cool Farm Alliance contracts essential services from sector experts, software developers, designers and so on to enable us to deliver what our global community wants: solid information on effective management of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.